Things You Should Always Buy at Dollar Tree

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When it comes to saving money, where you shop can be a really big deal, especially when you get pretty much the exact same thing for much less at one store versus another store. 

The Dollar Tree really has some amazing products. I always find something new every time I go in there. But since we are in the process of saving money, I always go in with a plan. 

It doesn't matter if I am looking for party decorations and supplies, organizing supplies, gifts and even cleaning supplies, the Dollar Tree has it.  And for $1!!

That price is always the best. I know going in there that I'm going to spend a dollar on everything I buy. 

Plus, when you want something specific that they don't have in the store, you can almost always go to their website and find that exact item!

I did this very recently when I started my organizing and minimalism journey in my house. I needed some new organizing tools that my local store didn't have, but their website did, so I ordered it online. 

Here are my favorite things to buy at the Dollar Store: 

Greeting Cards

There are sections here where you can even buy 2 for $1! You may not find the same kinds of cards here that you would at Hallmark or the grocery store, but at $1, why would you want to pay $5 or more for a card, that is most likely going to end up in the trash anyway? 

Yeah, some people keep their cards, but eventually the card is going to get thrown away. So it's the thought that counts more than the money you spend on a card. 

Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is one of those things that usually only gets used once and then thrown away. So why would you waste money on something that can be bought cheap? Dollar Tree has plain white, as well as assorted colors. 

Plus you can even make other things out of tissue paper, like tissue tassel and other crafts. 

Gift Bags and Boxes

Dollar Tree has a wide assortment of gift bags that you can buy for all kinds of occasions - baby showers, birthday, graduation, like any gift idea you can think of. The bags are very cute. 

They even have multi packs, where you can get more than one bag for $1!!

Plus, they have cute gift boxes too. I even use these gift boxes in my organizational needs. I have one box gift that I store my extra batteries in and another that I store my essential oils in. Being frugal and saving money doesn't mean that you have to forgo beauty either. 

Table Cloths

You know when you are planning a party and you need one of those table cloths that goes right along with the rest of your party decorations? Yeah, you can get those table cloths at Dollar Tree for $1. 

Why do you need to spend more than $1 on something that you are going to throw away at the end of the party? They have lots of colors to choose from and even some that are decorated with themes as well. 

Paper Plates and Napkins

All of your party planning needs are at the Dollar Tree for $1! They have the plates and napkins and even some decorations to go right along with it. 

Now you won't always find the specific themes like Toy Story and The Lion King and Aladdin in their party supplies, but you can get lucky and find them there too. 

The selection is always changing! And that's one of the things that I love about Dollar Tree. You can go one day and then go back in 3-4 weeks and the selection has changed. 

But when you want to go generic for a party, you will always find exactly what you need. They have assorted colors and assorted occasions. 

Holiday Decor

All of your major seasons - Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving - Dollar Tree has decorations for. And most of these decorations are really cute!

I love taking the time to just walk through this section to see what ideas I can spark in my mind, but I rarely buy anything because I'm really lazy when it comes to decorating. If I decorate, then it ends up staying up for months and multiple different seasons. 

Candles and Candle Holders

They even have scented candles at Dollar Tree. Most of the candles are not scented, so they are perfect for your craft projects. But some of them are scented and are perfect for gifts. 

Thank You Notes

You know how Thank You Notes are like $8 a pack for 8 cards and envelopes at the grocery store and Wal-Mart and Hallmark? You can get the same exact thing at Dollar Tree for just a $1.

Such a money saver, especially when you have a lot of thank you notes that you need to send out!

Organization Bins

I buy all of my organization bins from Dollar Tree. When I started my minimalism and organization journey, I made multiple trips to Dollar Tree to buy the right bins that I needed. I have 2 Dollar Tree stores within a mile of my house and I was going back and forth between the two stores because they had different organization bins in each store. 

And when I really couldn't find what I needed in the store, but I knew they had it, I checked out their store online and got even more bins that I needed. These ones right here are my absolute favorite ones to use!

I use these bins to organize my pantry, my deep freezer, my closet and my bathroom. I'm sure there are going to be even more places that I use them as I continue to minimize and organize my house. 

Picture Frames

The picture frames are made of cheap quality and not something I would use for decorating. 

But I love using them for my own personal white board of notes. I just put a plain sheet of white paper in the frame, then use a dry erase marker and write on the glass. 

Also if you go to craft shows and need to display a message about a sign up sheet, or if you want to display some pictures for a baby or bridal shower, these frames are quick and easy to use. 

But you can also find a jackpot among these frames by browsing through them and finding a really good quality frame. They get scattered in there every once in a while. 

Ribbon and Bows

Sometimes you really like to add a little extra to a present (or in my case, I use ribbons and bows to differentiate who's presents are whose at Christmas time, everyone gets a different color!). 

There is a wide assortment of ribbons and bows at Dollar Tree for all of your present needs. 

Gift Wrapping Paper

Right along with the gift bags and boxes, is wrapping paper. There isn't much paper on the roll, but for a dollar, it's totally worth it to buy rolls of wrapping paper for presents like birthdays and baby showers and bridal showers at Dollar Tree. 

When you have a lot of presents to wrap, like Christmastime, then you may want to buy a bigger roll that places like the wholesale stores sell. The bigger roll will end up being cheaper in the long run. 

Shipping Paper

I used to always use brown paper bags from the grocery store to wrap my shipping items in. But then my grocery store stopped giving the brown paper bags with your groceries. 

I also use this paper to wrap textbooks to keep the book in great shape. 

So whether you have shipping needs, or other needs, this paper is great to keep on hand. 

Shipping Envelopes

Those bubble envelopes that are super expensive at the box stores like Wal-Mart and Target, you can get for $1 at Dollar Tree! You'll get packs of 2 or 3 envelopes in different sizes. Totally worth the trip to Dollar Tree just for these envelopes!

Poster Board

Whether you need poster board for crafts, school, signs in your yard, art projects for the kids, or even photography, you can usually get 2 pieces of poster board for $1. They also have multiple colors, as well as the thicker board as well. 

Paint Brushes

When the kids want to do art projects and use paint brushes, you don't want them to use your really good brushes, so you can buy a pack or two from Dollar Tree just for the kids to use. 

Or maybe you have other projects that you don't want to use the good brushes for because you don't want the good brushes ruined, so just get the packs from Dollar Tree and when they start to fall apart, just toss them in the trash. 


You can find all kinds of assorted candy at Dollar Tree. So whether you just need candy for a snack, a gift basket, or Halloween, you can always find a wide assortment of candy at Dollar Tree. 

My store even has one WHOLE aisle of candy. I'm pretty sure that you can find every single type of candy that has been made in that aisle! But I can't confirm that because I don't eat a lot of candy. 

Fake Flowers and Flower Foam

Some of these flowers look semi-real like the ones you would buy from your craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels. Others you can tell are completely fake flowers. 

But if you are decorating inside, these are cheap way to add some color to your home. 

Plus they also carry the flower foam, which you can get for $1. The flower foam can be expensive at the craft stores. 


Balloons for all occasions can be found at Dollar Tree. Just like with the wrapping paper, plates and napkins and streamers, you can get assorted colors. 

Dollar Tree also has a selection of the foil balloons that you can have blown up with helium, as well. 

Baker's Twine

This is a very popular craft need. And did you know that you can get it at Dollar Tree for just $1?!

Whether it's craft projects, kitchen needs or even gift wrapping that you need this for, you can get rolls of it in the candle aisle. 

Craft Supplies

This section is usually very limited in the stores. And in my store, it's usually very well picked over. So I'm not sure if they sell a lot of craft supplies, or just don't carry a lot in the store. 

Sometimes you can find your crafting supplies here, but if you want the good quality craft supplies that you normally find in a craft store, then Dollar Tree is not where you are going to want to buy your craft supplies. 

But if you are buying the craft supplies for something to do with the kids for summer or winter break, then you'll hit the jackpot buying your supplies at Dollar Tree. 

It really just depends on the quality you want and what you are looking for. 

Kitchen Utensils

This section can be hit or miss. I've found some really good quality kitchen utensils here and I've found some horrible quality utensils. 

But this section is amazing for the new graduate who is living on a really tight budget and just moved into their own apartment. 

They do carry just about every single kind of utensil you can think of, so it is great to stock your utensil supply in a new apartment or if you are on a really tight budget. 

And I will say that I have found some really good quality colanders, measuring cups and spoons and even cutting boards here. 

Foil Pans

You know when you have a family get together and you need to take something to the party, but you don't want to have to take your really good pans? 

Or maybe you want to make a stash of freezer meals, but you obviously don't have all of the pans that you need to make all the meals you want to make? 

Or there is a new neighbor that moves in next door and you want to give them a gift of a meal, but you don't know them and don't want to burden them with dishes to wash?

These foil pans are absolutely perfect. There is a wide variety of these pans available as well. 

Bag Clips

My favorite type of bag clips are the ones that don't break when I clip them on to my bags of food and have a magnet on the back. The magnet allows me to store the ones not in use on the fridge. 

And when I can find a set of these clips for only $1, I'm going to jump on this offer!

Kitchenware - Plates, Mugs, Glasses, Silverware

Not only does Dollar Tree have your kitchen utensils, they also have your kitchenware. This kitchenware includes plates, glasses, mugs and even silverware. 

If you are moving into a new apartment and are on a very tight budget, this kitchenware is absolutely perfect for you. 

If you are someone who ends up breaking dishes a lot or have kids that break your dishes, you really can't go wrong with Dollar Tree kitchenware. 


Streamers are the party supply that are not reused. They are only used once, so why would you spend more than $1 to buy these streamers? 

They have a wide assortment of colors to choose from, so pretty much any color you need they will have. Plus they are are 2 packs!

Popcorn Buckets

This is probably my favorite item they sell! Growing up, I always wanted the popcorn bucket that they showed in the movies. And the fact that you can get this popcorn bucket for just $1 is the best thing ever!

Plus when you use this bucket, you won't get the whole top of your hand covered with popcorn butter like you do when you eat out of the bag. 

Cleaning Supplies

Dollar Tree even carries the name brand cleaning supplies like Lysol and xxx. And you can buy these for just $1!!

They also carry items like brooms, sponges, mops - like all of cleaning supplies you regularly need. Yes, you can buy the expensive versions of these same things at Wal-Mart and Target, or you could spend just $1 on these supplies at Dollar Tree. 

When it comes to saving money, you can save money on the things you really do need. There are stores like Dollar Tree can help you big time!

Yes there are times when you are going to need to buy better quality items than what Dollar Tree offers you. But for the things like poster board, party supplies and organization supplies, you will be much better off buying just about everything from Dollar Tree. I know I certainly use this tip for saving money myself. 

What is your favorite thing to buy from Dollar Tree to save money?