Money Lessons from the Movie Late Night [with Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling]

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I'm an auditor and it's just second nature for me to analyze almost everything. And that especially includes analyzing movies for the money lessons they can teach us. I talked about how your money story is formed by everything that happens in your life in my guide to your money story. And movies are always teaching us money lessons. 

So with these money lessons, I'm just beating you to the analysis punch to show you the money lessons that I saw in this movie. 

But before I dive into the lessons in this movie, I just want to say, if you are a female entrepreneur, you really should watch this movie, Late Night with Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling. 

I didn't see this movie promoted very much. I found it because I was looking for a movie to watch and I have the AMC A-List and it looked pretty good. I'm glad I went to see it because I really enjoyed this movie. 

The movie is about a female late night comedian. She has a team of male writers for her show and needs to hire a female writer to show that there is more diversity in the show. The show's network also has a female president. And that rounds out the cast of women in the show, pretty much. 

This movie really shows how our culture caters to men in the workforce and 2 women who are trying to change this culture. It's definitely not easy to change this, as you can witness in the movie (or even in real life, if you work in the corporate world). 

And this reason right here is why I say this movie is mandatory for female entrepreneurs to watch. You need to see how these women are sticking up for women in the work culture. 

Here are the big money lessons I saw in the show: 

Men and women don't always think the same things.

The writers for the late night comedy show are all men at the beginning of the movie. And the comedy show host is a woman. It is really hard to write scripts for another gender when you don't have that first hand experience. 

There are some things that are gender neutral in our lives, but most things are not. 

Men and women see things differently, even the same exact thing is seen differently from a woman's point of view versus a man's point of view. 

The same thing applies to your money - men and women see money differently. Almost all women attach emotion to money, while very few men attach emotion to money. 

Just Be YOU!

Katherine learns that her show is going to be canceled and she is going to be replaced by a man. She tries to do everything she can to get the ratings of her own show up so that it doesn't get canceled. 

But it wasn't until she followed Molly to the fundraiser Molly set up and did a stand up comedy routine of her own, that she realized she does have stuff to say. Stuff that is just hers. And stuff that comes from a woman. 

You don't have to try to be someone that you think everyone else wants you to be. Be the person that you really want to be and really notice how your world changes. 

Thanks to many of the movements like #metoo and other similar ones over the past few years, some things are starting to change, but we also have to step out and show our own power as well. 

That power comes from just being you and not conforming to what anyone else wants you to be. 

Money Can Buy Everything...Except Love

There are a few times in the movie that Katherine says she has no friends or family, except for her husband. Even her own employees don't like her very much. And she doesn't really like them. 

Katherine has fame and power and money. But what she doesn't have is family and friends, no matter how hard others have tried to get close to her. 

At the end of the day, love is much more important than having all of the money and power and fame. Those things can only buy you so much. 

It takes Katherine almost losing absolutely everything in her life, her husband included, for her to realize that she needs more in her life than just her job and her husband. 

Life is so much better with close people you can love and trust in your life. And this not only adds more money to your life, but it also adds so much more wealth to your life. 

You Can Achieve What You Want - Qualifications or NOT!

Molly was a chemical plant quality control worker. But she had a dream of working with Katherine in the stand up comedy industry. 

Granted, she was really only hired because she was a woman and Katherine needed a woman on her team. 

But Molly was able to prove herself time and time again with her work and her work ethic. She put everything into her job that she had and she did a damn good job too!

This goes for you too! Just because you don't have all of the qualifications, put yourself out there. The more you want to know and are committed to this job, the harder you will work and you can prove yourself. 

Movies are a really good source of lessons that we can pick up, but at the same time, they also influence our own money decisions too. And because of these influences, I like to dig into the money lessons that can be learned from movies that are out there. 

Have you watched Late Night yet? Did you pick up any other money lessons that aren't mentioned here? What did you learn from this movie?