Creative Ways to Save More Money

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You know that you want to save more money. But all of the normal ways to save money (set up automatic transfer to savings, just don't spend it), you have already exhausted and really just don't know where to go from here. They just don't work for you to really help you save money. 

Sometimes, ways that are more creative when it comes to saving your money work even better. That's because they are something different that challenge you. 

And sometimes, a challenge is exactly what we need to change things up. 

So are you ready to be challenged and take on new ways of saving money? 

I'm sure you know about the swear jar. This is a jar in the family where every time a family member swears when talking they have to put a specified amount of money into the jar. This can be any amount of money, but the most common is a dollar. The swear jar can be an effective way of teaching your family members not to swear or to save more money for something like a vacation or just for something you want to buy. 

But you don't have to have a swear jar, especially if it's either something you don't want to change or your family doesn't swear all that much. 

You can get more creative with ways to save your money. Here are some other ideas: 

Creative Way #1: Complaints

When family members complain about dinner (or any meal actually), it can cost 50 cents. 

When someone complains about another person, it can cost a dollar. 

When someone complains about their situation, it can cost a dollar. 

When someone complains that there is nothing to do, it can cost a quarter. 

Creative Way #2: Entertainment

Playing a video game can cost 50 cents for every half hour of play. 

Watching television can cost 50 cents for every half hour of watching. 

Watching a movie can cost a dollar for the movie. 

Playing on your phone during family time or meal time can cost a dollar. 

Things like reading a book and playing outside are free. 

Creative Way #3: Discipline

Every time a child talks back, that child has to put a quarter in the jar. 

Every time someone swears, they owe 50 cents to the jar. 

Every time someone forgets to put their toys, their shoes, their books, their backpack away, they owe 50 cents to the jar. 

Creative Way #4: Building Habits and Sticking to Goals

More people want to build new habits and even stick to their goals. So why not create a monetary way to help you stick to your habits? And then the results of this challenge can be used a reward for completing your goal. 

You want to create a habit to exercise daily. Every day that you don't exercise you have to contribute $5 to your goal. On the days that you only exercise for less than 15 minutes, then you contribute $3. On the days that you exercise for 15-30 minutes, you only contribute $1. And the days that you exercise for more than 30 minutes, you don't have to contribute anything. 

By having to contribute for both the good and the bad, it helps your brain realize that there is both positive and negative rewards. And it helps you to build your habit like you want to. 

Or maybe you want to achieve a goal of writing a book. To write a book, you would need to write daily. So on the days that you don't write at all, you have to contribute an amount of money to your jar. On the days that you write, but you didn't reach your daily writing goal, of say 1000 words a day, you have to contribute to the jar. On the days that you achieve your daily writing goal, you don't have to contribute to the jar. 

To help yourself not only achieve the goal of saving money, but also achieving a completely separate goal or build a new habit, you will create a system that is all based around money for yourself. 

If you really are financially motivated, then you will build your habits and achieve your goals faster because you won't want to have to contribute to the jar. 

But if you aren't financially motivated to achieve your goals, then you are most likely going to have to contribute a lot of money to the jar before you build a habit or achieve your goals. 

Creative Way #5: Never Spend Change

When you pay cash for things, always pay with dollar bills and get change back. For example, if the total is $7.28, and you pay with a ten dollar bill, you would get $2.72 back in change. Add that $.72 to the jar. 

This change can accumulate fast if you never use your change and pay with cash quite often. 

I keep a change jar on my dresser to just empty my pocket change at the end of the day into. There are times that I do still spend the change, but most of the time, I pay with a full dollar amount and just get the change back. 

Saving money doesn't always have to be hard or boring. There are ways to make saving money fun and easy. And you can save this money for a year and use it for a vacation or a trip you are going on or just to build up your emergency savings fund. 

Get your whole family involved in saving the money and see how everything changes in your family. 

Do you have any other creative ways that you can save money that aren't on the list above?